Two Biggest Markets In The World You Ought To Visit


If you live in New Zealand then you have certainly noticed the crazed obsession with night markets, farmers markets, Sunday afternoon chill markets and so on. Well, this trend certainly didn’t start in New Zealand, and in comparison, New Zealanders may be surprised to find that what they consider to be the biggest markets fail in comparison to some of the bigger markets on display in the rest of the world. These are two of the biggest markets in the world. They range in display, style, and overall hosting. Goers of these markets can expect to see everything (produce, food, clothes, design, jewelry, arts and craft, desserts) they would find at their local kiwi market, just on a grander scale.

Image result for St Lawrence Market, CanadaSt Lawrence Market, Canada

This market is simply put one of the best and biggest food markets on the planet. Based in Toronto, Canada, St Lawrence Market is the wish list of every foodie currently trotting the globe, or specifically New Zealand. If you are a kiwi who galvanizes themselves as a culinary explorer then this market is a spectacle that needs to visit. The market hosts over a hundred vendors who sell a range of different culinary cuisines ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, cakes and candy, pasta, burgers, pies, local bread if your mind can imagine it then it can find it here.

Khari Baoli, India

One of the best things about markets in New Zealand is their ability to fuse dishes from all over the world, allowing locals to enjoy and discover dishes that they may have otherwise never even heard of. If you happen to be obsessed with Indian food and think that the current offering of Indian cuisine at the local market you visit is just not enough then this is the market to visit. Furthermore, this market is also known for selling whole food natural ingredients from basmati rice to local spices and teas.

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