Tusukiji Fish Market Tokyo

Image result for Tsukiji Fish Market TokyoThe busiest, and largest fish market in the world, famous for the fresh Tuna auctions that have tourists, and locals in a spin.

The Infamous Tuna Auctions

The auctions are something phenomenal to behold. They aren’t always open to the public so if you are thinking of taking the early morning shift to the fish market, check first. If public access is granted for the day, make your way there long before. First come, first serve takes on a whole new meaning with so many vying for a place in the limited 120 capacity. Registration takes place at 4.30am, with the main event starting at the drop of the hammer at 5 am.

Explore After Dawn

If waking up before the crack of dawn, when it’s still dark out, isn’t your thing but you do still want the fishy experience. Make your way down to the market after sunup, but keep in mind that by the time the clock strikes 9 am, the busiest part of the working day is done. While you may still see many fishmongers gutting, and filleting the days catches, you won’t have to worry about the bustle of trucks, or trolleys moving the fish around.

The Sushi Experience

No visit to Tusukiji Market can end without a taste of Sushi. There is so many Sushi stands available for you to choose from, however, the best Sushi breakfast can be found at one of the small, informal restaurants near the gate, close to the fruit, and vegetable market. The delicacy is priced right, and the portions are larger than you would expect and as fresh as if it were still in the ocean.

There are a variety of options for those who seek a less fishy experience, but still long to be part of the action. The outer market provides plenty of opportunities to explore.