Tips On Negotiating Successfully At A Discount Market

When one makes the effort to visit a discount market, the purpose is to leave with a hoard of discounted items. It is almost an insult to not leave with your fair share of cheap goodies. However, one doesn’t just simply walk away from a discount market with a stack of items. In order to do so successfully, your negotiation and bargaining skills need to be sharpened and up to par. Discount market vendors know their business, it’s a skill, and if you don’t know how to successfully navigate this territory you may find yourself either leaving empty-handed or with fewer items.

How Do You Negotiate At A Discount Market?

Below is a list of tips and tricks to help you negotiate your way out of paying higher prices

Image result for Assess QualityAssess Quality

The first trick is to assess the quality of the item you are eying. This means feeling

for the texture and material quality of a clothing item or closely examining a vase or lamp for cracks and scratches. Assessing the product helps to value the item. That way when you ask for the price, you have an idea in mind of how much you are willing to pay for the item.

Ask For The Price

Once you have done your quality check, it is time to ask for the price of the item. The tip to remember here is that most vendors are already willing to sell their products at a discount (it is after all called a “discount market”). However, most vendors will mention a price that is between 10 to 20% higher than what they are willing to accept…

Plug In Your Offer Price

This means you need to do the same, your offer price should also be about 10 to 20% lower than what you are willing to pay.

How Casinos Emulate Product Markets With Discount Offer

Eat, drink, gamble, and be merry. Taking some time out to enjoy what the casino has to offer can be a breath of fresh air. While you may only end up feeding your money into the ever-hungry slots and gain nothing in return, it doesn’t stop the vast amount of patrons that enter the doors each day.

Who Needs Hypnotism, Just Visit The Casino

There is something so hypnotic about the atmosphere in a casino. The mood and setting are surreal. There is no indication of time of day, or changing light outside. It remains a constant lighting as if time has frozen. There is no clock by which patrons can measure the time spent. The bright, colourful, flickering, and flashing lights put the patrons in a hypnotic state that is only amplified by the sounds of the machines, and the drone of the other patrons. Once in the grasps of the casino, you simply cannot break free with ease.

Image result for Keeping It FreshKeeping It Fresh

The fact that JackpotCity App casino is always offering discounts and specials on a variety of products keeps customers coming back. There is always some kind of tournament, sponsored by a well-known brand, with promises of amazing prizes at the end of it all. The human race is a sucker for anything that is free, and the casinos play on that ingrained greed, sad, but true.

Products Aplenty

When you think of a casino, alcoholic beverages drift into your mind. Not often do you see anyone at a casino gambling, without a drink in hand. Alcoholic beverage manufacturers take the opportunity like a bull by the horns. Providing promotional offers to the casinos in order for a piece of the patron pie.

There is always risk required in order to achieve rewards and only the bravest can reach the highest peak.

Clothes Thrift Shopping In The Markets Of Wellington

One of the best things about thrift shopping is the fact that you get to find some of the best in vintage goods at a fraction of the item’s actual value. And, believe it or not, one of the best places to seek out vintage items is at the local discount markets and thrift stores. In the past, buying from a thrift store used to be looked down upon (oh no how can you purchase used clothes, gasping!) However, nowadays this is considered trendy, whether this owed to Macklemore or the collapse of the economy, shopping for a discount is now considered the ‘it’ thing. So, how does one thrift shop for clothes and fashion in Wellington?

Image result for Wellington Underground MarketWellington Underground Market

Yes, the second largest city in New Zealand has an underground market. Well, it’s not exactly underground, its name is owed to the fact that it is an indoor market. Here any thrifter can browse through the endless number of stalls selling second-hand clothes at a discount. Many vintage items seeking experts have found small vintage gems in the midst. All the way from unique and antique fashion items, old Jordan sneakers and even jewelry.

Shopping at Thrift

Appropriately named, this vintage shop which opened its doors to the thrifters back in 2015 carries a range of clothing styles from different eras. They are all washed and sold at decent prices. The store expects clothing dropped off by donors, which may include the estate of some rich old lady who has some clothing items that could make Channel blush. Their racks are the shopping grounds for those who appreciate style and fashion in all its many shapes, sizes, conditions and colors.

Newton Vintage Market

This one is a new addition to the thrift scene of Wellington, it operates in a similar manner to the underground market except that this is the home of all things vintage.

How Casinos Emulate Product Markets with Discount Offer

A casino is a place where many go to unwind, and just enjoy a night of entertainment, however, there are some who go with only the intention of winning in mind. Whichever your reason for paying the casino a visit, you are sure to be hypnotized by the sight and sounds.

The Draw Of The Casino

People become like goats when they enter the casino. The bright lights, shiny objects, and shrill sounds become a distraction that cannot be ignored. Hence the analogy. Patrons seem to lose all sense of time, and rationality, in pursuit of the prize. Perhaps it is this world of fantasy in 7 Sultans online casino and the promise of fortune that drives patrons back in droves.

Never Just a Gambling Opportunity

Let’s face it, the human race is always up for a deal, and casinos worldwide provide just that. There is always something on offer at a price that cannot be missed, or the opportunity to win something that is not even closely related to the casino. The human population is a greedy one, and they will do anything for the chance to get something for nothing. As horrendous as that sounds, it’s a truth that casinos gamble on.

Related imageWin a Car

Corporate institutions like casinos always seem to be in collaboration with a variety of car brands. There is always one opportunity or another to win a car on any given day. While the brand of the vehicle receives immeasurable advertising, and possibly a kickback of some sort, the casino has another opportunity to draw in the patrons. Once the patrons are through the doors, they are hooked. The human race is a vain one, and casinos realize this as an opportunity. Winners are proudly displayed for all to see, building egos, and unbreakable bonds with the patrons.

How Casinos Emulate Product Markets with Discount Offer

The casino is probably the most loved and the most hated place. Sounds silly to say, however, when you are winning, it’s a wonderful place to be, when you are losing, not so much. Either way you look at it, the casino continues to draw the crowds when is about having some fun time.

Image result for Casino TranceThe Casino Trance

The thing that captivates people about a casino? The answer is not one-folded. There are a number of things that keep people in a trance-like state where casinos are concerned. The bright, flickering lights, colors, live-dealers the sirens, these are all in place to stimulate the brain on It seems people lose track of time while enjoying the entertainment. The lighting is constant, and there are never any clocks. You never quite know how long you have been hidden between the walls.

Easy Manipulation

Nobody wants to admit the feeling when you walk into a casino. The rush, the excitement, and the anticipation of winning. Patrons are quickly hypnotized. It is in this state that people are easily manipulated into anything.

Casino Collaborations

Any casino is a corporate, financial institution, and they do have the money to throw around. There are many different brands you can find on who collaborate with casinos because of this very fact. While the brand may provide some kind of promotion or discount offer, the casino is the one that carries out the affair. It is a win-win situation for both parties, the casino gets their kickback, while the brand has the uninterrupted attention of the casino patrons. In the trance-like state, pretty much anything is easy to sell.

Let’s face it, nobody goes to a casino to lose, there is always that glimmer of hope that you will walk out with heavier pockets. It doesn’t really matter whether or not it is money won, or a product.

Crafts Are The New Rage

It seems the world has gone mad for crafts, with everybody either taking up their beads, or making useful items from odds, and ends. It is wonderful to see that finally creativity is being pushed to new heights.

Crafts on Thames

The market is the wonderful creation of two creative souls, Dana Catley, and Gaylene Kelly. They realized the need to provide a place for avid crafters to put their items on display and make a few sales. The aim of the market is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity, affording many to break into the market, while still being able to share some social time with those who are like-minded. The place to be as of December 10, is St James Hall, Pahau St, Thames. Scheduled to be held once monthly going forward from that date.

A Sell Out Opening

With the market scheduled to have its opening in December, the response has been phenomenal. Stalls have been sold out well in advance, leaving many crafters chomping at the bit on a waiting list. Those looking for some homemade crafts, and special gifting ideas, are sure to be amazed by the treasure they may find.

Image result for ProceedsThe Proceeds

The craft market will be a non-profit affair for those holding the event each month. While the crafters will be required to pay a small stall fee, this will be used to cover basic costs involved in hiring the church hall, and providing the stalls. All profits made on the day, by crafters, is theirs to keep. The objective is not for the founders to make money from the event, but rather to provide an environment that will foster creativity and friendship.

The way in which the concept has been received, and supported has surprised the founders, and what was proposed as only a Christmas market will now be a monthly affair.

Markets You Need To Visit in Auckland

There is something about finding yourself out in the cold night sky or morning light visiting a market. The music is playing loudly, or softly, depending on which market you have decided to stopover on a day. The weekend is upon you, and the atmosphere is buzzing in the air in preparation for a chilled, and laid-back nights of conversation over some tantalizing street food and some craft beer. Auckland sure does have its own list of market spots to check out.

Wesley Market

Being in the capital city of a country one expects only great things from this market and iRelated imagen all truth, it doesn’t disappoint. The Wesley Market is to be hosted at the Wesley Community Centre. It runs every single Tuesday (for those who like the weekday distress) and Friday for those who prefer to only hit the streets come the weekend. The market is one of the oldest markets in New Zealand, boasting a history of 23 years. Visitors can expect to be greeted by aromas of fresh grilling, frying and boiling dishes that span and represent a plethora of food categories, interests, flavors and tastes. Those who aren’t just there for the good food and the vibe can also browse the numerous stalls that sell arts and craft pieces, clothing, fresh produce and more.

Bloc Night Market

This is another Auckland native market which opens Thursday nights from 5pm to 9pm. This one is more for the trendy young hipsters who happen to love style, design, and fashion as well as food. It is geared and design to draw in the younger crowds. As such expect to see lots of selfies and pics of food dishes being snapped for the gram. It truly is a space where art meets cuisine and the live music just adds to the awesome mood this night market is settling.

Two Biggest Markets In The World You Ought To Visit


If you live in New Zealand then you have certainly noticed the crazed obsession with night markets, farmers markets, Sunday afternoon chill markets and so on. Well, this trend certainly didn’t start in New Zealand, and in comparison, New Zealanders may be surprised to find that what they consider to be the biggest markets fail in comparison to some of the bigger markets on display in the rest of the world. These are two of the biggest markets in the world. They range in display, style, and overall hosting. Goers of these markets can expect to see everything (produce, food, clothes, design, jewelry, arts and craft, desserts) they would find at their local kiwi market, just on a grander scale.

Image result for St Lawrence Market, CanadaSt Lawrence Market, Canada

This market is simply put one of the best and biggest food markets on the planet. Based in Toronto, Canada, St Lawrence Market is the wish list of every foodie currently trotting the globe, or specifically New Zealand. If you are a kiwi who galvanizes themselves as a culinary explorer then this market is a spectacle that needs to visit. The market hosts over a hundred vendors who sell a range of different culinary cuisines ranging from fresh fruit and vegetables, cakes and candy, pasta, burgers, pies, local bread if your mind can imagine it then it can find it here.

Khari Baoli, India

One of the best things about markets in New Zealand is their ability to fuse dishes from all over the world, allowing locals to enjoy and discover dishes that they may have otherwise never even heard of. If you happen to be obsessed with Indian food and think that the current offering of Indian cuisine at the local market you visit is just not enough then this is the market to visit. Furthermore, this market is also known for selling whole food natural ingredients from basmati rice to local spices and teas.

The Intrinsic Value Of Product Markets In New Zealand

Markets are certainly a great way of bringing a number of different experiences together to create a space for self-expression through selling and exhibiting a number of different products. Markets offer goers the chance to mingle with other city locals as well as explore various dishes, artistic goods and sometimes indulge in some good old live jams. Markets offer a variety of values to those who find themselves there.

Image result for Culinary ExperienceThe Culinary Experience

One of the best things about finding yourself at a market is the opportunity to explore a number of different dishes with different flavours. Markets tend to be the home of up and coming culinary geniuses who have managed to creatively invent a unique way of preparing some of the best dishes. Market goers can pick from an array of plates from cultures from all over the world. Enjoy some tantalizing Indian dishes or some spicy fried pad Thai or a juicy gourmet burger.

It’s A Form Of Artistic Expression

Markets are not only a great place for stuffing your face, but they are also the best place to discover a new artist and help support up and coming talent. Many craftsmen and women take their pottery, paintings, jewelry designs, sculptures and other forms of artistic expressions and share it with the world at a number of markets. On all accounts, markets present the ideal platform for young talent to showcase their skills and also make some buck in the process.

The Social Experience

Visiting a market in New Zealand, in fact anywhere in the world is likely to be an exciting experience. The mix of a diverse group of people all gathered to explore and uncover new happenings in both the artistic and culinary realms all form part of the makings of a fulfilling Friday night out, or a Saturday morning date. Markets have a no pressure laid back vibe which attracts those looking for a good time.

The Kind Of Items You’ll Most Likely Find At A Product Market

The product section of any market can prove to be just a tad bit overwhelming for the market goer. This is owed to the fact that the talent of New Zealanders is simply jarring, in the best of ways. This area of the market is the perfect zone to pick out a small custom gift for a special somebody or pick up some new décor or creative art for your new apartment. This is a list of the kind of items you can expect to pick up at the local product market.

Pottery Made With Complete KnRelated imageow how

The old art of pottery doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. As a matter of fact, many potter makers out there are finding new and creative ways of molding clay into some exquisite pieces. The quality of these handmade clay sculptures which can survive microwave heat and the dishwasher.

Hand-Made Jewelry

Jewelry is simply put, an expression of beauty. Different artists find various ways of creating their expression of beauty. There have been artists who experiment with polished painted class which is the woven into various metals to create the perfect earing, bracelets or necklace. Some artists find their influence in street and urban culture with showcases of spray-painted chains and melted pieces that have been forged into new pieces. The creative assortment is indefinite and dripping in quality.

Photography and Paintings

The developments in technology have allowed for a different quality of photography to emerge. You can find more than a dozen of talented photographers showcasing their photos on canvases, frames or printed on pieces of cloth. The images feature spectacular views of a diverse catalog of inspirations. These range from beautiful locations, inspiring moments, nudes, and anything you can think of. The eye for detail on some of these exhibitions are simply awe-inducing.