Markets You Need To Visit in Auckland

There is something about finding yourself out in the cold night sky or morning light visiting a market. The music is playing loudly, or softly, depending on which market you have decided to stopover on a day. The weekend is upon you, and the atmosphere is buzzing in the air in preparation for a chilled, and laid-back nights of conversation over some tantalizing street food and some craft beer. Auckland sure does have its own list of market spots to check out.

Wesley Market

Being in the capital city of a country one expects only great things from this market and iRelated imagen all truth, it doesn’t disappoint. The Wesley Market is to be hosted at the Wesley Community Centre. It runs every single Tuesday (for those who like the weekday distress) and Friday for those who prefer to only hit the streets come the weekend. The market is one of the oldest markets in New Zealand, boasting a history of 23 years. Visitors can expect to be greeted by aromas of fresh grilling, frying and boiling dishes that span and represent a plethora of food categories, interests, flavors and tastes. Those who aren’t just there for the good food and the vibe can also browse the numerous stalls that sell arts and craft pieces, clothing, fresh produce and more.

Bloc Night Market

This is another Auckland native market which opens Thursday nights from 5pm to 9pm. This one is more for the trendy young hipsters who happen to love style, design, and fashion as well as food. It is geared and design to draw in the younger crowds. As such expect to see lots of selfies and pics of food dishes being snapped for the gram. It truly is a space where art meets cuisine and the live music just adds to the awesome mood this night market is settling.

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