Groceries: a Necessity, However, Experience and Value Matter

Image result for CustomersWhen you look at the New Zealand grocery market over the past years, you quickly realize that there have been some important changes. It isn’t necessarily the fundamental basics of grocery shopping that has changed, but rather the expectations of the consumers.

Customers – Sophisticated, and Steadfast

The greatest change seen in the market is in the customers themselves. They have developed into a more sophisticated clientele, who expect value, as well as a good shopping experience. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the market will continue to evolve and change in the future.

Growth, Promotions, and Layout

There are certain areas that are more inclined to feel the expected changes than others. Growth within the grocery market needs to see a rapid incline. Over the past years, this has been minimal. Aggressive promotional activity is required and expected if the market is to see any growth at all. Customers today are seeking a shopping experience that is convenient, and pleasant. In order to achieve convenient shopping, retailers are gearing themselves towards outlets that provide quick in-and-out access to the clients. In the near future, New Zealand shoppers can expect more access to self-checkout stations and easy access to check out points. Shoppers can say goodbye to trolling unneeded aisles and wasted time. The New Zealand market spends more than 50% of all sales on discounted, or promotional items. In order to properly target the market, retailers have to find that balance between allocating funds to discounted items and still building strong brands.

Online Markets

Retailers have realized that online shopping is the way to go, however, finding a way to bridge the gap between online prices, and those offered in stores is going to be challenging. Trying to stimulate consumers to prefer again physical markets for their purchases.