Crafts Are The New Rage

It seems the world has gone mad for crafts, with everybody either taking up their beads, or making useful items from odds, and ends. It is wonderful to see that finally creativity is being pushed to new heights.

Crafts on Thames

The market is the wonderful creation of two creative souls, Dana Catley, and Gaylene Kelly. They realized the need to provide a place for avid crafters to put their items on display and make a few sales. The aim of the market is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity, affording many to break into the market, while still being able to share some social time with those who are like-minded. The place to be as of December 10, is St James Hall, Pahau St, Thames. Scheduled to be held once monthly going forward from that date.

A Sell Out Opening

With the market scheduled to have its opening in December, the response has been phenomenal. Stalls have been sold out well in advance, leaving many crafters chomping at the bit on a waiting list. Those looking for some homemade crafts, and special gifting ideas, are sure to be amazed by the treasure they may find.

Image result for ProceedsThe Proceeds

The craft market will be a non-profit affair for those holding the event each month. While the crafters will be required to pay a small stall fee, this will be used to cover basic costs involved in hiring the church hall, and providing the stalls. All profits made on the day, by crafters, is theirs to keep. The objective is not for the founders to make money from the event, but rather to provide an environment that will foster creativity and friendship.

The way in which the concept has been received, and supported has surprised the founders, and what was proposed as only a Christmas market will now be a monthly affair.

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