Clothes Thrift Shopping In The Markets Of Wellington

One of the best things about thrift shopping is the fact that you get to find some of the best in vintage goods at a fraction of the item’s actual value. And, believe it or not, one of the best places to seek out vintage items is at the local discount markets and thrift stores. In the past, buying from a thrift store used to be looked down upon (oh no how can you purchase used clothes, gasping!) However, nowadays this is considered trendy, whether this owed to Macklemore or the collapse of the economy, shopping for a discount is now considered the ‘it’ thing. So, how does one thrift shop for clothes and fashion in Wellington?

Image result for Wellington Underground MarketWellington Underground Market

Yes, the second largest city in New Zealand has an underground market. Well, it’s not exactly underground, its name is owed to the fact that it is an indoor market. Here any thrifter can browse through the endless number of stalls selling second-hand clothes at a discount. Many vintage items seeking experts have found small vintage gems in the midst. All the way from unique and antique fashion items, old Jordan sneakers and even jewelry.

Shopping at Thrift

Appropriately named, this vintage shop which opened its doors to the thrifters back in 2015 carries a range of clothing styles from different eras. They are all washed and sold at decent prices. The store expects clothing dropped off by donors, which may include the estate of some rich old lady who has some clothing items that could make Channel blush. Their racks are the shopping grounds for those who appreciate style and fashion in all its many shapes, sizes, conditions and colors.

Newton Vintage Market

This one is a new addition to the thrift scene of Wellington, it operates in a similar manner to the underground market except that this is the home of all things vintage.

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