Azadpur Mandi Market India

Vegetarians and fruitarians alike would stand in wonder at the sights and smells that the Azadpur Mandi Market provides.

Behind The Scenes Glance

Image result for Mandi MarketThe Mandi Market is simply a place of wonder. Thousands of trucks, filled to capacity with fresh fruit and vegetables, make their way to the market on a daily basis. This is the largest wholesale level vegetable and fruit market in Asia. Entering the market will incite your senses into overdrive. The variety of colours and smells provides a sensory stimulation that will drive your mind wild. While some areas may smell rather rancid, there are others that are sickly sweet, and still, others that are inviting. The vibrant green of the fresh herbs is perfectly complemented by the bright orange giant pumpkins and the almost luminous yellow of the lemons. An experience like no other in the world.

The Market – Outdated, Yet Thriving

Azadpur Mandi Market seems archaic when compared with the rest of the country, however, it operates without a hitch. The Dehli food chain, this is a vital link. Tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables are received and distributed on a daily basis. The processes and methods may seem mysterious, and enigmatic, however, the results are profound. The amount of fruit and vegetables that are processed on a daily basis seems almost impossible, but it’s accomplished.

Making The Trade

The market is buzzing with activity day, and night, it never sleeps. Auctions and transactions are carried out 24 hours a day. Transactions worth hundreds are successfully completed. Auctioning agents take control once the cargo arrives. They bellow out amounts, and once the highest bidder is found, with the farmer’s consent, the produce goes their way. After a day or night of auctions, the bill due to the farmer is calculated. Deductions are made for labour, transport, and of course, the auctioning agents commission, and the balance is paid to the farmer.